Nia's Bio
The way the writing started…

One day, when I was in school, I ran across this story called The   Lady or the Tiger by Frank R. Stockton.  
The short story intrigued me because it was an interesting plot, but then the story really wasn't finished.  I
guess Frank R. Stockton decided, when he left it as a cliffhanger, that it was, but I felt like I needed
closure.  So, I decided to pick up where his story left off and started writing my own version of the ending.

It took a long time to finish that story.  I was on and off with that project.  I guess it developed a pattern for
all of my future writing because I still have several projects that are "in-the-works".
At the time, I was really into this show called Scarecrow & Mrs. King (SMK) starring Kate Jackson and
Bruce Boxleitner.  I watched it religiously every day.  It's my favorite show.  I have every single episode.

Anyway, like many other SMK fans, I frequented several of the websites where I could further indulge my
fantasies of being a regular gal who miraculously keeps a balanced home life, while secretly saving the
world from the latest scheming terrorist and charming the pants off of a tall, dark and handsome spy.  It
was while I was browsing through other fan's websites when I happened upon what I think was the most
ingenious form of outlet for us very imaginative and maybe overly-enthused SMK fans.  I discovered what
we Internet junkies have termed Fanfiction - fictional tales written by addicts of their favorite books,
movies and TV shows.  That was me!  So, I stopped, took a look and decided that I wanted to write a story

Why not?  I certainly had the inspiration and the drive.  And it was kind of strange because, when I started
writing the very beginning of the story, it all just flowed out.  I can even tell you the very beginning almost
word for word and I've never tried to memorize it.  It was really weird.

You and I would like to think that after such a great start, I would have cranked out this story in two days,
but I didn't.  It was my second off and on project for about two years.  But when I finished, I really did like it
and so that made me feel really good.  And when people who I don't even know gave me compliments and -
no, I'm not making this up - told me that my story brought tears to their eyes, it was all I needed to believe
that I should always keep writing in some form in my life.
"Every day I learn a little more that I know absolutely nothing." - Nia Imani
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A little bit about me…

On July 12th, 1985, I was born in Washington, D.C.  At the time,   
my parents were living in Arlington, Virginia and that’s where I
spent the first year of my life.

When I was a year old, we moved to a tiny town called Mebane,
North Carolina.  That’s really the place that I consider home and
that’s why I go around proudly telling people that I’m a “Carolina
Girl”, even though I only stayed there until I was eleven-years

In 1996, my parents decided that they wanted to move the family
to Tampa, Florida.  And this is where I’ve remained ever since.