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Another Time, Another Place
"I enjoyed reading this story and would love to
see it on stage. I look forward to reading more
from this author."
- Claudia M., USA
"I really enjoyed this play. It has a twist at the end which I'm not going to spoil for you! But I liked how the
story had a parallel world so that Carol Lee could see what life would be like if her wishes came true.

It reminds me of that phrase "be careful what you wish for". As I felt that Carol Lee perhaps didn't enjoy
the parallel world as much as she thought she would.

I thought the play was written very well and had a good storyline with an unexpected twist at the end. I
would recommend this book to everyone."
- Helen P., England


"First, what attracted me was a title.  'Another Time Another Place', it seems tempting. Sometimes, we all
want something different. It was interesting for me to know what way she chose. And Carole Lee's choice
influenced me too. The author made me think about my life, to decide some questions for myself. Perhaps,
it was the most important. I read this play with lightness because many times I recognized myself." -


"The title of this play written by Nia Imani might give away the premise or one could say, the content of this
play.  But actually in the end, it only touches on many possibilities of intent.  Indeed, maybe her intent is
not to have an intent other than what she puts out there for the audience to experience and digest.  One
certainly comes away with many questions and thoughts into his own life and life perceptions.  It certainly
sets one to thinking!  Thinking about whether, even if one doesn't necessarily believe in re-incarnation,
are we possibly living in and on many levels and existences at the same time. the past and
future sometimes happening in the same time?  What are the "what ifs" if our lives had been different and
under different circumstances.   There is charm and wit in this play and multitudinous questions that come
to mind.  So, you are never really "finished" seeing this play.  One finds that they actually want to see it
again to see more in it on different levels and dig deep in ourselves for some very thought provoking

Valerie Tourin
Actor and Playwright